⚡️ Money is money

When 'a thing' has proven itself to not be working, something has to change. First order of business: acknowledgement and seeing 'it' for what it is.

⚡️ Money is money
Photo by Christine Roy / Unsplash

I've had a long-term averse relationship with the word Money.

Growing up, I've observed adults talk about how working to earn a living was stressful and hard, and that they were so stuck in dead-end office jobs just because of the money.

I decided I'd never get myself into a similar situation where a 9-to-5 is the only way to sustain a life worth living; that I will follow my passions and only work jobs that interest me, and enable my sense of autonomy and creative freedom.

Though I've had very recent attempts and temptations at doing the complete polar opposite due to ✨circumstances✨, I've actually been quite steadfast with this inner vision throughout most of my working life / career portfolio.

For a few years now, since leaving full-time employment as we know it, I started calling Money as “Resources”, which also includes Time, Energy & Attention. But I guess somewhere deep within, ‘I’ know it’s different (in my own terms).

Despite having curated a life abundant with such Resources (time, energy & attention), money was still that one thing I was struggling to keep and hold onto in my hands, like sand.

“Naïveté is doing the same thing over and over, and always expecting the same result.”
Einstein's Parable of Quantum Insanity, by Quanta Magazine & Frank Wilczek

When 'a thing' has proven itself to not be working, something has to change. First order of business: acknowledgement.

So now I’m switching lens to seeing money as it is. Yes it is a resource, and, Money is still money — a primary currency in this material world. Plain and simple; no poetic waxing with rose-coloured glasses of spirituality.

In this season of Life, I want to start falling in love with my needs and desires.

I want to be able to tend to them, pay attention to them, nurture them, bring them into form (reality) and celebrate their existence manifested with love.

This is the chapter where the path of grandiose dreams audaciously falls into place for me and the best of me, beyond what can be imagined.

It is now time to invest these sacred energies wisely, again but better than before.

Money comes, money goes;
Money comes, money grows.
Money grows, money flows;
Money flows.
Money flows.
Signed, a Scorpio Rising (me) this Sagittarius season (2nd house things)