⚡️ The Work of a Receptive Right

Mercury is currently in retrograde at this time of publishing within the eclipse season portal, which means it’s a time of “Re’s”! So I’m revisiting my journal archives of past years that now feel right/good for me to share, raw & unedited.

⚡️ The Work of a Receptive Right
Photo by Aleksandr Ledogorov / Unsplash

[Journal Archives: #20220601]

The more awareness I’ve opened up to, the more aloneness I’ve been feeling.

Sometimes it gets to the extreme spectrum of loneliness, in a world that’s so focused and demanding of strategy, external action and achievements.

I’ve been passive on the outside, but lots of work, energy and attention have been paid towards (re)constructing my inner sanctum.

As Mary Oliver wrote, "to pay attention is our endless and proper work.” It’s not easy, but everyday I choose to continue holding the Vision and Hope for my seasons of soul work harvest.

As this journey goes on towards its final destination on this earthly plane, I continue to (re)calibrate and (re)define my Art of Living & Being, rooting down towards Peace well within me.