🫧 Titillate 🤭

On words, dreaming, hoping, and desiring.

🫧 Titillate 🤭
Photo by Kah Lok Leong / Unsplash

One of major themes in my journey with Human Design is relearning my relationship with words; to pay attention to, and become more aware on the magic (some may call it energy) of language. It was this most recent experience that sealed the deal for me, in true divine comedic timing the more I'm able to laugh at myself and Life in the deconditioning-reconditioning process (more details on that maybe another day).

On 1st Jan 2023, I was noting down in my newly created <Signs & Synchronicities> logbook about a moment I received from the Universe on that same day, when I realised the word had spelled out as "synchronitities". I giggled out loud without a thought, "That's hilarious. I'm titillated!" Now, I've never used this word in my life as much as I can remember, and when I looked into the word meaning, it was serendipitous that the etymology resource was the first link that came up:

titillation (n.) early 15c., "pleasing excitement," from Latin titillationem (nominative titillatio) "a tickling," noun of action from past-participle stem of titillare "to tickle," a word imitative of giggling.

Something else to know about me: systems such as Human Design (HD), Western Astrology (WA), the Tarot, Gene Keys (GK), and YOUnique Research's purposepaper reading method (PPR), have proven to be very reliable for me to lean on as I navigate this material world. I'm no analyst or expert or professional in these realms, but however I end up synthesising my awareness and understanding on how the energies and archetypes show up and play out for me in this human experience, integrates into my very personal process in how I live life.

This is the part where I used to say I'm a Research Artist, but this identity—as with all past identities I've had—is set to die away in due time (in fact I already feel it shedding) so at the end of the day, I'm just going to introduce myself as just Me. 🙂 And this portal into my inner world is where I now begin to publish whatever needs+wants to be publicly expressed: Inner Expeditions exploring the Art of Living.

So on that note, Saturn's Return in Aquarius is ending its influence in my 4th House (WA) during this climb up the 6th line 'Roof' from the first phase as a 3rd line profile (HD). The door closes on 8th March and Saturn moves into my 'empty' 5th House in Pisces. I still don't have a clue on the Piscean energy myself, but I do have a better understanding on how planets can influence the flavours of the house system. For me, the 5th House is PLAY. At least for this time of my life.

The themes of JOY, PLAY, and CHILDLIKENESS have been bubbling up within me in the past few weeks. And as someone who hasn't really resonated much with her Sun sign for over a decade, I was—again—titillated when I read what ALICE SPARKLY KAT wrote for Cancer 2023 (that's my Sun sign 2nd decan + Venus in 9th House for the astro geeks):

“There is a lot of joy for you in 2023, maybe more so than anyone else. This is a fantastic year for Cancer placements. I’m asking you to be curious enough about yourself to know that you never know all of yourself because I want you to not be fooled by thinking that you can describe what you want. I want you to be open to recognizing joy when it catches you without preparation.”
“This isn’t about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. No astrology horoscope is going to make you try things or do things that make you uncomfortable without a good reason. This is about seeing if your idea of joy is sufficient. This is about wondering if, maybe, joy is larger than your idea of who you think you are and seeing if you are willing to enjoy things that you don’t think you will like.”

As previously mentioned, I've been in my first Saturn Return period for what feels like a century. It actually started earlier than that, which I'm super thankful to have stumbled upon Human Design (HD)—or maybe HD found me 🤭—because it gave my experience another language to understand and map back to whatever it was that has happened since 2018/2019 for me (will share about that some day, maybe).

It's been almost 5 years since my life came to a complete standstill, combusted, and I was floating through some sort of dreamy void... Surrendering to the Flow as some may call it. It's different from The Void that I'd experience during a specific period every year. It's like hanging out in the unknown, where plans don't go according to plan, strategising brings more headaches, and every forward movement is like a false start; one step forward, three steps back. There was simply no point in resisting reality by hoping, dreaming, planning, and desiring.

In fact, it's been 7 years since the turning point in my life happened (Dark Night of the Soul) and the journey of deconditioning and rediscovery began. 7 years of feeling disconnected to unadulterated joy from within.

Well, after all these 7 years...

For once, I truly feel safe enough to start hoping again.

For once, I truly feel hopeful enough to start dreaming again.

For once, I am starting to connect with my inner flame—desire—again.

As my dear best friend Amanda says, "Dreaming is a form of/tool for liberation."

This is where I'll be, with the signs and synchronitities.


You've been informed.